Extended Courses

During the time I have been teaching I have developed and continue to update two 6 week courses. That is to say one day a week for six weeks.

The comprehensive introductory course, now known as Solid Foundations is not just for beginners but is suitable for anyone who has gaps in their knowledge of the Basic Techniques of Patchwork and includes sections on both Equipment and Finishing off. This course is currenlty in it’s 3rd revision and build up into a comprehensive reference file which can be used over and over again.

The second course builds on what has been learnt in the first course with the addition of the use of colour, perspective and directional patterns and leads the student through the process of calculating both patchwork & quilting patterns required to fit into the specific spaces within a quilt top. To run this course it is necessary to have a 7 week period and there is a built in 1 week break half way through to allow the students time to complete the piecing of their top before commencing the quilting.